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Weekly CMO

This week's reading is all about discerning your energy leaks, stitching them back up, and protecting yourself going forward. 

It's time to take a vision quest. What's holding you back? What are the roots of the issues and energy leaks that you are encountering right now? The Blessed Herbal Problem Solving candle guides you into the meditative state that will bring you true and clear answers. Open your mind to solutions and possibilities, and take the time to follow through with them. 
Once you have discerned your leaks and the path of resolution you want to take, it's time to repair the negative effects they have cause. The Blessed Herbal Healing candle brings restoration to the body, mind and emotions, to bring alignment and healthy balance. Repair past hurts, beliefs, habits and the rifts that are keeping you from manifesting your ideal life. 
And now it's time to seal the deal. How do you keep those leaks from returning and that healing in place? A fiery wall of protection of course! This Motor City Hoodoo candle builds a roaring and impenetrable wall all around you. Any evil or malicious spirit or person cannot get to you without getting seriously burned.
Have a wonderful week!Until next time

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Weekly CMO Reading
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Wednesday, 24 July 2019