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Weekly Staff Pick- Rose of Jericho

Rose of Jericho



Rose of Jericho is a desert flower. It is the Resurrection Flower that brings needed change. In its dry form, it rolls around with the help of the desert winds, but on those rare occasions of rain, it will open up it's green limbs. When it dries up again, it will continue its journey. In your own home, it can be used as a spell to bring life or energy back in your domestic life. You can put it anywhere, but for re-energizing your home, the living or family room is best.

Just put into a bowl of water for a week. When the week is over, empty the bowl of water and let it shrivel back up. The following week, fill the bowl with water again. Repeat the spell as necessary, but if you don't need it anymore, just let it shrivel up and save it when you need it again. To bring money back in your home, follow the same ritual, but keep 5 coins in the bowl at all times.


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