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  • About Candle Wick Shoppe

    About Candle Wick Shoppe

    Welcome to Candle Wick Shoppe!  Located in downtown Ferndale, Michigan, we are so much more than just a candle shop ~ stop in for books, incense, dried herbs, jewelry and more… Come get your Mojo on!

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  • Candle Wick Shoppe Reiki Practice

    Candle Wick Shoppe Reiki Practice

    We are pleased to be able to provide our community with Reiki sessions by qualified Reiki practitioners to heal your body, mind and spirit. 

    Clinics and private sessions are both available -- call us today to make your reservation.

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  • Candle Wick Shoppe Classes

    Candle Wick Shoppe Classes

    Interested in learning Reiki and becoming a practitioner to help family and friends or start a healing business?  We offer Reiki classes and demonstrations several times a year with certified instructor Patty Shaw, Reiki Master.  

    We also are proud to host special events with guest speakers like Jacki Smith and Dorothy Morrison. 

    Please call the Candle Wick Shoppe for more details.

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  • This is the article that accompanies the Coventry Creations Blessed Herbal Candles picture that discusses the category of candles which are to be found at Candle Wick Shoppe. This does not limit the sort of candles only to those made by Coventry Creations; indeed, many other manufacturers' candles are represented at Candle Wick Shoppe.
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  • This is the copy for books available at Candle Wick Shoppe; these books deal in magick, Wicca, and other topics related to these. Some of these books are written by the co-founders of Coventry Creations.
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  •     What is Reiki? The method by which universal light and love joins our own energy to bring healing and balance to our body, emotions, mind and spirit. A reiki practitioner is the channel for reiki energy from spirit to you.       Heals injuries faster and better Relieving stress and grief Builds a new and better life     Reiki is safe for everyone! Yes, Kids and pets too!   We also offer Spiritual Counseling, Tarot Readings, Psychic Readings, Condition work; Conjure, Spiritual Cleansings, Mojo Bags, Spell work.  Disclaimer: We offer our services for entertainment, comfort and guidance. This
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Not all transitions are alike

Healing Magic June Your TransitionEveryone knows that change is a part of life and it is undeniably a powerful teacher. We really can’t ignore the lessons that change and transition brings to us. Of course there are times we rail against them, shake our fist, pull our hair and pound on pillows because they are not what we want.

Still, we know we are powerless to change the course of change once it’s in motion.

The tarot has aptly brought to us story cards that explain change and transformation in a way that help us understand what is happening and the potential why’s. What I like about the tarot is that it has broken down transition, transformation and change into different experiences of it. As I read through the descriptions of the four main transition cards I learned that not all change is the same. It wasn’t lost on me that knowing what kind of change we are going through can make the journey filled with wisdom and understanding. You know, the stuff that matures us. I’m going to take you through a brief explanation of the change cards from the Tarot major arcana. Use these definitions to help you see what kind of transition or change you are going through. Then treat yourself to the candle ritual provided to help you manage your transition gracefully.

What is the name of your transition?

Exposure. Are you feeling vulnerable and helpless to the cycle of life? You may be stuck on the Wheel of Fortune. Or worse, you may be falling off it.

In the Tarot, the Wheel of fortune means change happens as a result of cycles that are beyond human influence, like the seasons, karma, and divine intervention. This is change we don’t always understand, but have to live with. Also, it’s about consequences or the results of our own actions. The Wheel of Fortune asks, how have your actions affected you and those around you? The turning of the wheel pushes out the old to make room for the new. That’s progress!

Here is a little candle magic to help you through a wheel of fortune type of transition. You’ll need an Inner Balance Blessed Herbal Candle, the serenity prayer and a cup of salt. Prepare a bath and pour in the cup of salt. Light the inner Balance Candle and get into the bath. While you soak, reflect on the change you are in the middle of. Bring to mind what makes you feel powerless and out of control. Say the serenity prayer, take a deep cleansing breath. Close your eyes and imagine you are releasing the stress from this event into the water. Imagine the salt dissolving your stress. Get out of the tub, drain the water and allow the fragrance and intention of the Inner Balance candle to rejuvenate you.

Upheaval. Have you experienced a change that leaves zero room for negotiation? Then you may be looking into the eyes of the Death Tarot card. With the Death card, change comes in the form of a sharp dramatic ending without the promise of rebirth. It’s an ending or removing of what needs to leave (possibly because you won’t let it go). A shift has happened and you have no options beyond accept it and live through it. Comfort and compassion is the cornerstone of this candle ritual. Your tools are a Grief Affirmation candle and Healing Blessed Herbal Oil. Inscribe your loss or change on the grief candle. Light it and let the shock of it go up in smoke to keep you in productive grieving. Keep making room for new possibilities. Spend time each day letting go of what has gone. Dab theHealing Blessed Herbal Oil on your heart chakra every day for as long as you need it.

Blindsided. Did change come out of nowhere and with no warning? You are faced with life interrupted and still in shock because the Tower had activated this swift and dramatic transition. The Tower card means your world needed rocking you needed waking up. This change was coming but we were blind to it and that makes it sting a little more. Your tools for dealing with this transition are Stability Blessed Herbal Candle and the Calming Blessing Kit. Pick yourself up and dust yourself off, you have survived the shakeup. Take the time you need to shed your tears, scream and stomp your foot. Get that anger out so it doesn’t fester and make your situation worse. Now light the Stability Blessed Herbal Candle so you can get grounded again. Life is still happening. Affirm that you are still alive. Next light all three candles from the Calming Blessing Kit. Spend at least 15 minutes a day or more to let the calming influence of the scents and colors heal your nervous system. You’ve been through a lot!

Metamorphosis. Some change is good and welcomed. If this describes you, yay! This transition is under your control, use it wisely. The Judgement tarot card means this transition is coming out of a personal choice. Often as a response to a calling and can result in a rebirth of sorts. This change is soft because it allows freewill and choice. Celebrate your transition with a Needed Changes Blessed Herbal candle. It will help you resist any resistance you may feel or create concerning this transition.. Dab a little Crown of Glory Hoo Doo Oil on your solar plexus and throat chakras to keep you on top of your game.

Does using magic and spell work sound like a great way to improve your life? It does to me too. Our magical products are available at or at your local spiritual supply store. (link to store locator, To get more unique spells, great articles, monthly specials, and new product announcements, subscribe to the Coventry newsletter.