Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Feb Healing magicWhen you look into the mirror do you like what you see? The best way to gage your level of self-love is to notice your reaction to your reflection in the mirror. Did you go gack!? If so, it’s time to work on being more attractive, charming and understanding of yourself.

How can you land your charmed life if you can’t stand who’s looking back at you?


Here’s how you go about improving your image with yourself.


Everyone has something that they hate about themselves. They blow it up so big it’s all they see. Now that is just sad. I’ve got big thighs. Whenever I go out in public I think everyone is looking at my thighs and saying horrible things about me. Truthfully, they are not, because I am not my thighs. Take your feelings about your worst feature and shrink them down to nothing and start the process of loving yourself.


Magic can be easy. Creating a candle ritual is one of the best ways to get ‘er done with the biggest impact. Take this three step candle ritual. Easy to remember and very effective.


Step One: First you need to forgive yourself for being a jerk, lazy, “less than”, or mediocre. You were never meant to be perfect anyway. Remember the gift is in the journey, not the destination. I recommend lighting a Wakin’ the Dead Wicked Witch Mojo candle to ask your ancestors to help you stop kicking yourself for making mistakes or missing the mark.


Step Two: Second, you need to let go of all the judgements put upon you by others, starting with your parents. NO ONE knows you as well as your creator does. Spend some time listening to the intuition coming down from on high. You will be blown away by what you hear or see. Try lighting our It Sucks to be You Wicked Witch Mojo candle to help release all those attachments between you and the past.


Step Three: Third, affirm that is time to love yourself again, and get your charmed life on track. This may mean doing some affirmation work and lighting a few candles until you really own this. I recommend, from our Wicked Witch Mojo line, the Forever Mine candle. Light it every day while you affirm that are all that and a bag of chips too. Remember, you don’t have to be perfect to be lovable.


Before your first step can even be launched, you need to get your magical supplies. Get on the phone, on the web or over to your local magical store and stock up on the candles you need to execute this powerful bit of magic.Then, get ready to live a charmed life.


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