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  • About Candle Wick Shoppe

    About Candle Wick Shoppe

    Welcome to Candle Wick Shoppe!  Located in downtown Ferndale, Michigan, we are so much more than just a candle shop ~ stop in for books, incense, dried herbs, jewelry and more… Come get your Mojo on!

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  • Candle Wick Shoppe Reiki Practice

    Candle Wick Shoppe Reiki Practice

    We are pleased to be able to provide our community with Reiki sessions by qualified Reiki practitioners to heal your body, mind and spirit. 

    Clinics and private sessions are both available -- call us today to make your reservation.

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  • Candle Wick Shoppe Classes

    Candle Wick Shoppe Classes

    Interested in learning Reiki and becoming a practitioner to help family and friends or start a healing business?  We offer Reiki classes and demonstrations several times a year with certified instructor Patty Shaw, Reiki Master.  

    We also are proud to host special events with guest speakers like Jacki Smith and Dorothy Morrison. 

    Please call the Candle Wick Shoppe for more details.

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  •     What is Reiki? The method by which universal light and love joins our own energy to bring healing and balance to our body, emotions, mind and spirit. A reiki practitioner is the channel for reiki energy from spirit to you.       Heals injuries faster and better Relieving stress and grief Builds a new and better life     Reiki is safe for everyone! Yes, Kids and pets too!   We also offer Spiritual Counseling, Tarot Readings, Psychic Readings, Condition work; Conjure, Spiritual Cleansings, Mojo Bags, Spell work.  Disclaimer: We offer our services for entertainment, comfort and guidance. This
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Making space for courage

MAy 2017 healing magicThere is a lot of fighting going on in the world. There has always been a lot of fighting going on in our world. Fighting for land, rights, revenge, pride, you name it and someone will fight over it. I don’t like fighting, but I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not.

If I don’t fight, there are consequences, if I do fight there are other consequences. This has always been my dilemma. When I was young, before I was an adult or mother or wife or in charge of anything, I wondered if I’d fight for my family. As kids we hear adults talk about how they’d fight anyone who tried to hurt their children or how they would lay their life down for family, god and country. I hoped I never would to have to choose my life over someone else’s or choose someone else’s life over mine. Of course that is the extreme. Mostly, I never really wanted to fight anyone over anything. You want that doll? Take it. You want my husband? He’s yours.


Being super passive to avoid conflict is just as destructive as beating the tar out of someone.


Learning when to fight and why you fight is part of growing up and embracing the moral codes of humanity. We are supposed to value ourselves and stand up to bullies who take what is not theirs. If we don’t, we are betraying our soul. What I mean is, the reason we are here is to learn how to love and treat everyone as equals to ourselves. If we are constantly rolling over and letting others diminish our worth, our soul will spend more time and effort undoing pain and suffering than growing and evolving. We are responsible for our value and the more we devalue our self the harder it is to give and receive love. To me, this is just as destructive as engaging in that fight.


Being a naturally passive person, I had to figure out how to hold my ground and keep my self-worth stable while dodging the fight. I had to let go of fear of conflict, fear of being rejected, fear of pain, and fear of being completely dissolved as a personality. The last one was the one that really hurt because it’s akin to being invisible. No one likes to be invisible and forgotten. It takes a strong and healthy ego to be like a Buddha and detach from the material world. We have to know with all our heart that we have great worth. Only then can we step away from our attachments and begin embracing our spiritual self as our true self.

In essence, our desire to fight and be noticed is part and parcel about letting the universe know that we are here. “Don’t forget about us.” Yet, we need to get in shape to rise above the fray to participate in the journey home. What kind of shape do we have to be in? We have to be mentally clear, emotionally in love with ourselves and spiritually connected to the divine. And that my friend, is the journey. The strength and courage we generate by getting in shape will completely reinvent our place in the world. It can and will change the world.


The steps are simple as one two three, but the execution takes effort and discipline. Our tools are Reversing Hoo Doo candle, Wicked Good Karma Kleaner Room Spray and divine light.


Getting mentally clear involves releasing all the false statements floating around in our noggins. This includes the false stuff other people say about us. We also need to dump negative thinking, confusion, delusions, illusions and upside-down images. When I learned that we can store images and memories upside-down or scrambled I thought, boy, does that explain a lot.


Elevating our self-love quotient involves clearing out the pain we are hanging on to from life’s trials and traumas and untangling and releasing the hurt feelings from the people in our life that have hurt us.


Getting spiritually re-connected means repairing our attitude about god, creator, source, or universal life force and begin building the relationship again. We can do this through prayer, meditation, forgiveness and gratitude work, learning Reiki, or seeking out a qualified metaphysical teacher.


So how do we clear up all the junk in our mind and emotions? We release it with intention, help from a couple of archangels, a Reversing Hoo Doo Candle and Wicked Good Karma Kleaner room spray.


Here’s how.

Light the Reversing Hoo Doo candle and state your intention to release destructive thoughts and emotions. Call upon Archangel Michael, he is in charge of the ray of light called the Orange Red Flame of purification. For more information on working with the light, see Barbara Y Martin and Dimitri Moraitis book, Change your Aura Change your Life. Ask Archangel Michael to use the orange red flame to purify your conscious and unconscious mind and then your emotions. Then ask that all the black and grey atoms (this is what Barbara calls the dead energy) be taken deep into the earth and dissolved in the light. Let the orange red flame bathe your mind and emotions for at least 15 minutes. Next ask for the Blue White fire, under the direction of Archangel Gabriel, be brought in to heal your mind and emotions and charge you up with new life force. Hold for 15 minutes until you are done. Thank the archangels and ask for balancing of your energy and protection. After your meditation, spray your aura and then spray your room with the Karma Kleaner room spray. Do this cleansing often, especially when circumstances are extra trying.

This process will make room for courage in your mind and heart and will be your go to when something or someone is challenging your self-worth. As you release the darkness the light will flow in and bring you back to who you truly are. Then, watch out world!

Does using magic and spell work sound like a great way to improve your life? It does to me too. Our magical products are available at or at your local spiritual supply store. (link to store locator, To get more unique spells, great articles, monthly specials, and new product announcements, subscribe to the Coventry newsletter.