Kids who learn differently

Kids do learn differently and I was privileged to be around all the beautiful people who work really hard to make sure there are lots of options. We were at the Friends of Kids Who Learn Differently fair at Grove High School in Beverly Hills.

Emily and I chatted with parents of kids with special needs. We listened to stories of love, dedication, challenge and discovery.

What we shared was our desire to be of service with Coventry products and our Reiki Healing Center. To our delight a lot of parents had heard of Reiki and were willing to try it. Everyone agreed parents and kids alike can benefit from Reiki.

I didn't know if the Coventry candles would get on the participants radar but they did! My favorite customer was a 95 year old grandma who said our candles were something special and would be back with her pocketbook to purchase one. I giggled at her choice, the Attraction Love candle.

I believe we will be seeing some new faces at the Candle Wick Shoppe soon. Sigh what a great event!

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Wednesday, 23 August 2017