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CMO For May 21, 2017!

Hello all! This week's Coventry Magic Oracle reading, which I did for Healing, consisted of Everything & Then Some, Querent Caller, and Witches Purse.

Everything & Then Some (Wicked Witch Mojo): Make strength, power, vitality, and great health a reality in your every day life. 

Querent Caller (Motor City Hoo Doo): Get the right healer, information or opportunity that resolves your health issues. Getting your health in order will open the door to even more opportunities.

Witch's Purse (Witches Brew Candle): The money will appear for the healing you need; don't try to tackle this yourself. 

This week's question: What do I need to do to heal my body and soul?

IMG 20170521 165539

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CMO for May 14, 2017.

IMG 20170514 150842

Hello all! Your weekly Coventry Magic Oracle reading contained the Intuition Affirmation, the Flying Monkeys Wicked Witck Mojo Candle, and the Protection Blessed Herbal candle. 

Intuition Affirmation: My inner voice tells me the truths I need to guide my judgement in the perfect direction. And right now, that is what is needed. Reveal the answers to the questions you have, and trust your gut.

Protection Blessed Herbal Candle: Guard yourelf against harmful energy. Pay attention! Protection is called for now.

Flying Monkeys Wicked Witch Mojo Candle: Call upon your guides (your Flying Monkeys, if you will) for guidance and to take you to your right path during this week. 

This week's Question: What is hidden from me?

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Weekly CMO Reading: May 7, 2017.

Hello all! This weeks Coventry Magic Oracle reading contained Lakshmi (World Magic), Angels (Affirmations), and Dragons Blood (Witches Brew).

Use the Lakshmi candle to bring some good and prosperous vibes, the Angels Affirmation to attract gentle confidence and the help you desire, and the Dragons Blood candle to allow good fortune to come into your life.

This Weeks Question: How do I bring good vibes into my daily life? 

IMG 20170423 160244

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Honey Blends! This Weeks Staff Pick

This weeks staff pick is Root's Honey Blend candles! Beautiful beeswax candles blended with honey fragrances containing essential oils. 15% Off for THIS WEEK ONLY!!!!

IMG 20170423 170153

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Weekly CMO: April 30, 2017.

Hello all! This weeks Coventry Magic Oracle reading included It Sucks To Be You (Wicked Witch Mojo), Intuition (Affirmations), and Emotional Balance (Blessed Herbal Candles).

It Sucks To Be You takes negativity back to its source, Intuition reminds us to listen to our inner truths and to trust our instincts, while Emotional Balance keeps us level headed through the rough patches.

This Weeks Question: What is my best course of action to get through difficult times?

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Beltane: A Quick Guide

Hello all! I hope you're having a good weekend.

I thought it would be a good idea to mention Beltane today, seeing as it's TOMORROW. I thought I'd give some insite into what it is, what kinds of magical things you can do to celebrate, etc.

So Beltane holds the spot on the wheel of the year between the spring equinox and the summer solstice, and symbolizes the waking of the earth. April showers have brought the May flowers, and now we celebrate that! Beltane is often celebrated by holding bonfires, planting flowers and trees, and is also the perfect time for Handfasting ceremonies.

So what can we do to magically for Beltane?

This is the ideal time to do magic to bring in abundance, and to celebrate unions (whether they're romantic or otherwise). 

At Candle Wick we can help through a couple of our favorite products for this time of year:

  • Abundance Blessing Kit: Through this trio that includes Attraction, Prosperity and Stability candles, you can bring abundance in whatever it is you seek. This set is great for Beltane altars.
  • Adam & Eve, Alice & Eve, Adam & Steve: Celebrate your union with these candles! 
  • Witches Brew Original Candle: Amplify and strengthen your magic. Strengthen the spirit and enlighten the soul to energize and empower any witch's spell craft. 

I wish all of you the happiest Beltane! Thank you so much for reading. 

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Weekly CMO Reading: April 23, 2017.

Hello all! The Coventry Magic Oracle for this week gave me the Adam & Eve Motor City Hoo Doo candle, The Love Affirmation candle, and the Fast Cash Wicked Witch Mojo candle, so it's looking like the next week is going to be a good one for love and prosperity!

Adam & Eve will amplify romantic feelings you and your partner have for each other; and is great for both rough patches and adding some more energy to what originally sparked the relationship.

The Love Affirmation opens us up to love of all sorts. Use this to let go of what is keeping you from letting love in.

The Fast Cash Wicked Witch Mojo candle reminds us that we can't live on love alone, but when you add money to the mix, anything is possible!

This Weeks Question: How do I want to experience love? 

IMG 20170423 155925

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Coventry Magic Oracle for April 9, 2017.

Hello all! This week's reading contained Crown of Glory (Motor City Hoo Doo), Problem Solving (Blessed Herbal Candle), and Recover Lost Money (Motor City Hoo Doo)! Use Problem Solving to resolve any issues you're having in the prosperity sector of your life, then light the Crown of Glory and Recover Lost Money candles to bring in that which is owed and that which has been earned. 

This weeks question: What do I need to do to be prosperous? 

IMG 20170409 150105



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Coventry Magic Oracle - April 2, 2017

IMG 20170402 125852

Hello all! For this week, the CMO recommends  Spiritual Cleansing, Attraction/Love and Money Draw from the Blessed Herbal line. Welcome Spring by clearing away the Winter dreariness, attract good energy, and bring on some good fortune and stability for the new season! 

Question of the Week: What are you looking forward to this spring?

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Coventry Magic Oracle Reading for March 26, 2017.

IMG 20170326 115621

Hello all! The Coventry Magic Oracle reading for this week contained the Sweet Grass World Magic Candle, Road Opener Hoo Doo candle and the Protection candle from the Blessed Herbal line.

The Sweet Grass candle is to bring about positivity, and when combined with the Road Opener candle, positive changes, and making sure there isn't any sort of block in your path. The Protection candle is to make sure any possible blocks are kept away on this upcoming journey. 

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Coventry Magic Oracle Reading for March 19, 2017

IMG 20170319 115954

This weeks Coventry Magic Oracle reading contained Dragon's Blood, Meditation, and Heart! 

My thought for this weeks reading was to figure out what we should all do to prepare for the upcoming Mercury Retrograde on April 9th. I know, it's a ways off still, but what can I say, I like to be prepared, and retrogrades can be rough. So here's the deal:

Dragon's Blood: Awaken your inner dragon! Amplify your personal power with this Witches Brew candle. 

Meditation: This Affirmation will bring clarity and still your mind during this hectic time.

Heart: The Heart Blessed Herbal candle will calm the tentions which are sure to by high during a Retrograde. Calm arguments and bring in some understanding with this candle.


Good luck to all of you! See you next week!

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This Weeks Coventry Magic Oracle Reading!

IMG 20170312 123021


Hello all! Here's your Coventry Magic Oracle reading for the week of March 12, 2017 to March 18, 2017.


This week I pulled the Witch's Brew Original, the Goddess Affirmation, and the Reversing Motor City Hoo Doo candle. It's time to empower yourself! The Reversing candle is to be used to send any negative energy back to its source. The Goddess candle is to bring out your inner Goddess, liberate yourself from these dark influences, while the Witch's Brew Original candle is to empower you and your magic during this period of recovery. 


Good luck! Stop by Candle Wick for these candles. We have the remedy for what ails your soul.

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Weekly Oracle Reading: Negativity

Weekly Oracle Reading: Negativity

Ridding one's self of negative energy seems to be the theme of most of my customers magical purchases this week, and now is the perfect time to do it! Or at least that's what the CMO says. 

I did a reading for clearing, and got the following three candles that I suggest you get if you are getting rid of some nasty energy this week.

Makin' Tracks by Wicked Witch Mojo: While this is most often used to get rid of nasty neighbors or co-workers, hot-food those troublesome life issues with speed and efficiency. 

Reversing by Motor City Hoo Doo: All the drama and junk hanging around your spirit needs to go back to where it came from.

Recover Lost Money by Motor City Hoo Doo: Uncover your money leaks so you can clear them out.

Good luck to everyone kicking that negative energy out of your life! Do a reading for yourself with our online Oracle to find which candles you need.



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Weekly Coventry Oracle Reading!

Weekly Coventry Oracle Reading!

This week marks the first of many weekly readings that I will be doing with the Coventry Magic Oracle deck from Coventry Creations. As many of you know, we have a copy in the store, and if you are feeling indecisive or looking for guidance, this deck helps you pick the candles you need, and how to use them for love, prosperity, protection, healing, and clearing.

This week, with a Retrograde in effect, I felt that it would be best to go with a Healing reading.

Card One: Lakshmi World Magic Candle

Lakshmi's healing comes with the relief of stress around financial issues. Call to Lakshmi in her eight manifestations of wealth

Card Two: Road Opener Motor City Hoo Doo Candle

You want your healers and doctors to know exactly how to help you and bring you back to good health.

Card Three: Soul Mate Affirmation Candle

It's time to heal your soul and all the times you've abandoned yourself over being hurt.

Try the online Oracle for free at


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Sharon Knight and the Intimate Show.

Sharon Knight and the Intimate Show.

"I am deeply in love with this beautiful jewel of a planet we live on, and believe this world is full of magic if only we can remember to see it." [x]

That quote right there is from Sharon's bio page on her website, and reading that is when I knew that she was the coolest.

Sharon Knight's music is nothing if not some of the most magical that I've ever heard, and I was psyched to learn that she was coming to Candle Wick to perform. 

Some background: Sharon is a Celtic folk singer hailing from San Francisco and has an astonishing voice, as well as some rockin' octave mandolin skills. She has toured nationwide with her collaborator Winter who, by the way, co-founded their gothic folk metal band Pandemonaeon (bold text because how rad is that genre?), but this is going to be her first time performing in Michigan! 

Can you feel my excitement? 

August 6th, at our new 175 W. Nine Mile location. Join us!

You can listen to Sharon's songs on her website, link above, and you can purchase tickets for her show right here on our website! [click for tickets

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Staff Pick: Tarot Decks

Staff Pick: Tarot Decks

We are now carrying tarot decks! With all sorts of themes and styles, it was about time we showed them off. The decks are 15% off staring today, and the sale ends on June 13th. Come in and ask us about our cards!

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Coventry Magic Oracle: Reading One

Coventry Magic Oracle: Reading One

Did you know we have an online version of the Coventry Magic Oracle? Well, you do now! It contains a card for each Coventry Creations candle and tells you how these candles are going to help you with prosperity, love, healing, protection and clearing. Today I did a clearing reading on the online oracle, for anyone trying to get rid of some negativity, and found that you should use the following: 

Prosperity Affirmation: "Time to hire a professional; you're not supposed to do this on your own."

Fiery Wall of Protection: "A good brush fire to clear the clutter can help your plans and ideals grow even faster."

Money Draw Blessed Herbal Candle: "Unlucky no more." 

Use these three candles, together, to get rid of the spiritual clutter and bring in some prosperity.

You can find the online Oracle here

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7 Day Candles: A How-To

7 Day Candles: A How-To

Hello all! 7 Day candles are back at Candle Wick Shoppe, by popular demand, and we've been getting lots of questions about them, and I'm writing this to answer a few of them! 

What do the different colors mean?

Red: Love, attraction and passion.
Pink: Self love and wishes.
Yellow: Happiness and positive energy.
Green: Money draw and earth connections.
Blue: Court case magic, truth, and communication.
Purple: Psychic awareness and good judgement. 
Brown: Court case magic and grounding.
Black: Protection and hexing.
White: Healing and cleansing.

How do I use a 7 Day?

Pick the candle color based on what you are doing, then the herbs and oils. I'll use Money magic as an example; you would want to get a green 7 Day candle, at least three herbs, and between one and three oils (you usually only need one, if you used the herbs). Mix the herbs together (for Money Draw work, I'd use High John root, Patchouli and Five Finger Grass), and put a Money Draw oil on the candle, then put the herb mixture on the top of the candle. Use any extra herbs/oil in a sachet or mojo bag and carry it with you, and burn the candle for seven days. I recommend starting on a Sunday, and finishing the candle the next Saturday, to finish out the week.

Does the color matter that much?

I want to say yes, but sometimes there are other factors that come into play when you're about to buy your candle. For instance, you might know that green is the 7 Day color you should use for money, but you feel like the red one would work better for you. OR we could be out of brown 7 Day candles; how are you going to do that court case magic now!? Blue will work just as well. Take into account how you feel and what symbolizes what to you too.



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Breanna's Picks: Statuary!

Breanna's Picks: Statuary!

Hello all! This weeks staff pick is 10% off all statuary! We just got a bunch of cool pieces in, including the pictured Buddha and Ganesha statues, and quite a few others. Come on in and check them out! The sale ends on 3/14/15.

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Our Herbs are Wicked Good.

Our Herbs are Wicked Good.

I could never resist a good pun. Hence, the title.

My staff pick for this month is our selection of Wicked Good herbs, which means that until February 21st, they're all 15% off! We bag these herbs in the shop, and put nothing but good energy into them. The newest editions to the herbs under this label are the Vanilla Bean (used for love magic) and the Mojo Wish Bean (used for wish/money magic); both of which are only two dollars. 

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