Beltane: A Quick Guide

Hello all! I hope you're having a good weekend.

I thought it would be a good idea to mention Beltane today, seeing as it's TOMORROW. I thought I'd give some insite into what it is, what kinds of magical things you can do to celebrate, etc.

So Beltane holds the spot on the wheel of the year between the spring equinox and the summer solstice, and symbolizes the waking of the earth. April showers have brought the May flowers, and now we celebrate that! Beltane is often celebrated by holding bonfires, planting flowers and trees, and is also the perfect time for Handfasting ceremonies.

So what can we do to magically for Beltane?

This is the ideal time to do magic to bring in abundance, and to celebrate unions (whether they're romantic or otherwise). 

At Candle Wick we can help through a couple of our favorite products for this time of year:

  • Abundance Blessing Kit: Through this trio that includes Attraction, Prosperity and Stability candles, you can bring abundance in whatever it is you seek. This set is great for Beltane altars.
  • Adam & Eve, Alice & Eve, Adam & Steve: Celebrate your union with these candles! 
  • Witches Brew Original Candle: Amplify and strengthen your magic. Strengthen the spirit and enlighten the soul to energize and empower any witch's spell craft. 

I wish all of you the happiest Beltane! Thank you so much for reading. 

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Root Fall Line is HERE!!!


Root fall scent line is in! Pumpkin Spice, Mulled Cider, Apple Harvest alon with our standards! Come in and give them a sniff!! 





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In Store Special: Burn the Buddha 15% off This Week only!

I love the idea of the "Burn the Buddha" Candles. Not only do they represent a challenge and teach us to let go, they are ridiculously cute!
The ultimate step to enlightenment is to let go of all earthly attachments. So of course everyone buys this Buddha candle with the intention of placing it on an altar or shelf somewhere, and to never burn it.
Get this: The point is to burn it!
When I explain the simplicity of the practice, peoples minds are blown! 
We buy the Buddha, we love the Buddha,  but you must burn the Buddha.
The end result of burning the Buddha is that we learn that the spiritual and emotional things we value are what are important on our journey to Nirvana. 
So, Burn the Buddha!
Branden Lykins
--Candle Wick Shoppe AssociateBuddha resized
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A Beacon in the Magical Community

Jacki2 Resized

Jacki Smith is one of my most important rol models. As someone who aspires to be an entreprenuer in the magical and spiritual communiity, she is a great person to watch and learn from. Her motivation and ambition is inspirational. I can feel her powerful magic before she arrives just to say "Hi!" and check on the store. She is very dedicated to her craft and business,  and that makes you feel protected, nurtured and included. I can only dream to be as successful and icredible as Jacki Smith. I would love to thank her for allowing me to be part of the Candle Wick Shoppe family and wish her a Fantastic Month of Jacki!



Candle Wick Shoppe Associate

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Jacki Smith: The Witch's Witch


Jacki Collage resized

I didn’t know Jacki before I started working here at the Candle Wick Shoppe. Even as a customer, I was unaware of this magnificent lady.  Working with Jacki has been filled with a wealth of priceless information. I had the great opportunity to work with Jacki a bit to help set up the Mojo Bar. Her process is an amazing thing to witness!  Then she trained me in the process of assisting customers with creating a Mojo Bag or Conjure Jar for their needs was nothing short of amazing.

 Jacki is extremely empowering, uplifting, and humble.   She celebrates other's successes, which is a fantastic thing to witness. Jacki's dedication to being of service to others, assisting them in manifesting their intentions is, yet, another great example of the type of woman she is. Not only has she enhanced my conjuring and magical life, but her example of service to others through love has

deepened my desire to be of further service to others.

Thank you for being awesomely you!



Candle Wick Shoppe Associate

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The Powerful Jacki


I hadn’t really spent one-on- one time with Jacki, until the birth of the Mojo Bar. To familiarize me with

the process we created a Conjure Jar together. My family was going through a whirlwind of change,

emotions were running high, and as the oldest child, I was running around trying to glue everything back

together. I was feeling frustrated and energetically pulled in two opposite directions (I finally know

what my Pisces brothers feel like everyday). Jacki began to help me dissect the situation, understand

the deep-rooted cause of this explosion, and empathize with each party…and then…we made MOJO.


I learned so much about her in those 30 minutes. Jacki is a whirlwind of power, sass, wisdom, and

uplifting, healing energy. She has invested so much of her life into helping others find their magic, heal

themselves, love others and live balanced, happy lives. She has inspired me to push my own magical self

to areas I never knew I could reach…access power I thought I couldn’t handle, work on sealing wounds

that I had allowed to bleed for far too long…and I’m so much better for it. That’s what the Mojo Bar is all

about, letting you get your hands dirty  using the magic inside of you to create positive changes in

yourself and the world around you.



Candle Wick Shoppe Associate


Conjure Jar resized


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Votivo Moroccan Fig Candles 15% OFF This Week ONLY!! IN-Store Special

Burning this candle, I am immediately in the market place in Morocco. This earthy, yet spicy, aroma makes me want to reach out and touch a traditional hand-woven rug along the Moroccan streets.  Permeating and gentle, this candle will surely invigorate your senses. Perfect for burning during a bubble bath or with wine and a great book!


--Candle Wick Shoppe Associate


Fig Resize



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IN STORE Special Fresh Wave Odor Eliminator 15% OFF This Week ONLY!

I love the way  Fresh Wave eliminates odor in a hurry! I can set it and forget it. Using the Carpet Shake makes my house smell like spring year round!

Fresh Wave Natural Odor Eliminator comes in a Crystal gel available in 8oz and 16oz sizes. Just remove the foil, set it, and forget it! Fresh Wave Natural Odor Eliminator is also available in a convenient Home and Travel Spray and Carpet Shake: perfect for getting rid of the after-holiday smells of upcoming Labor Day!



--Candle Wick Shoppe Associate


Freshwave Resized

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Root Daffodil Candles 15% OFF THIS Week ONLY! IN-STORE Special

Celebrate the bright, flowery, fragrance of summer with our delightful Daffodil candle by Root! This beeswax blend candle is scented with an essential oil blend of bergamot, sweet melon, clove, lily and dashes of honeysuckle and vanilla. It’s available in a votive, small, and large Veriglass varieties.


I love the way this candle permeates the room, delicately, as I get wisked away to a field of daffordils. 



--Candle Wick Shoppe Associate


Root Resized

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Murray & Lanmans's Florida Water 15% OFF THIS Week ONLY!! IN-STORE Special

Murray & Lanman’s Florida Water

Florida water is an incredibly universal tool for the physical world as well as the spiritual. I always like to say you can use it to cleanse your face or your sacred space. Highly effective astringent properties make it a useful aftershave and face-rinse. You may sprinkle it about your sacred area to cleanse the energy, or objects that have accumulated unwanted energy. As someone that practices healing arts in both spiritual and energetic means as well as the physical via herbal remedies and cures, this is a useful tool in my “magic bag” or my medicine chest.

This item is a must have for any healer or magical practitioner.

-Branden Lykins
Candlewick Shoppe Employee 
Florida Water Resized

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Coventry Magical Oracle Reading

Good afternoon everyone!


CMO Reading2Welcome to the weekly Coventry Magic Oracle Reading.

This week is all about healing, nourishing, and protection. The Healing candle reminds us to take the time to heal each and every aspect of our lives--from the physical to the spiritual. The Goddess Candle advises us to take the time to nourish ourselves and invoke the goddess.  The Black Cat Candle is all about protecting ourselves from all things we do not want in our lives and attract luck.


Heal, nourish, and protect. 


See you next week!


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Today marks the first day of a weekly Coventry Magic Oracle

cmo 2016 07 1Hello everyone! Today marks the first day of a weekly Coventry Magic Oracle reading for the energy and intention to be focused on this week!

First we are needing to look into our hearts and determine our desires and needs.

Second we require the necessary tools and guidance needed to accomplish our hearts desire.

Thirdly we have the fabulous wishin' mojo candle by Dorothy Morrison representing that great intentions and powerful positive thoughts will assist in manifesting our deepest desires!

Thank you all and look out for next week's reading!

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Random test of the system

Testing stuff. 

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