Your Daily Dose – November 11, 2016 – Venus in Capricorn

ydd11112016Venus in Capricorn is a tough one.

  In many ways, the goddess of love is saddled down with duties and responsibilities and the last place you want to see her is at the local factory putting together Tupperware.

But, there is a reason astrologically for every aspect, and we can use Venus in Capricorn as a tool just like we can every other placement.

In this case, Venus is concerned with structure that contributes to social standing.   We all have a relationship with the outer world, and for many of us, this relationship determines our position in the world and even our relationships with those that can help us achieve our goals.   This is a great time for us to look at our outer world and see if we are achieving the results we would like to achieve and whether the people in our lives are helping us reach our objectives or are a hindrance to our potential achievements.

Venus will make several aspects as she moves through Capricorn.  These aspects are MOSTLY difficult so pay attention to the dates.

November 19 – Venus sextile Neptune.  This is a great time for activities that involve your creative or artistic mind and help us in our relationships with others.

November 25 – Venus conjunct Pluto, Venus square Jupiter.  Your relationships will need depth and reason.  Normal relationship idealisms may not be good enough for you, and emotional intensity may be experienced.  Try to find real meaning in your relationships or problems may occur.

November 29 – Venus square Uranus.   Ambivalent feelings may become prevalent.  It may be necessary for you to avoid relationship altercations while this aspect is active.  It’s not recommended to being relationships while Venus square Uranus is active.

Venus will remain Capricorn until December 7, 2016

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