New MOON Ritual at Pagan Pathways Temple

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Wednesday, April 26, 2017 9pm - 10:30pm
Pagan Pathways Temple

This event occurs in the America/Detroit time zone.


Pagan Pathways Temple offers monthly New Moon circles hosted by High Priestess Morgana Moonwater (Amy Gooslin) of the Coven of the Raven Moon. All are invited to take part in this ritual.

We invite you to join us for the celebration of new beginnings, and the fun and magick of the night!

Please wear comfortable shoes or remove them if you like, we do stand during the ritual. Also, comfortable clothes are recommended, but feel free dress in ritual wear if you like.

This event is free for all to join, but we welcome and encourage donations to the temple and coven to help keep them alive and sharing with us the magic and love that they do!

Hope to see you all there! Blessed be!

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