Bugaboo's One a Day Give Away To Benefit TEAR

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Saturday, June 17, 2017 6pm - Friday, June 30, 2017 9pm
Comfort of your own home

This event occurs in the America/Detroit time zone.


Welcome to our annual One a Day Give Away. Here is how it works: For the first 30 days in June we will give away one prize each day, each prize is worth at least $10, some are worth more. Tickets for the One a Day cost $2 each and you can buy as few or as many as you want. Once your tickets are in the bucket they stay there the entire month, I.E., if I pull one of your tickets on June 1st and you win that days prize your ticket goes BACK in the bucket to possibly be pulled again. You can win ALL month long!!!!!!!
Winners must pick up their prize at my home in North Oak Park, At OVRS or at Provindence hospital, or pay their own shipping.

Ticket sales start NOW and will continue until June 30th, so you can keep buying more tickets any time you want.

Below is a list of each days prize and here is a link to the phto album with pics.


Here is the link to go to to purchase your tickets:


1) Short Etched D shot Glasses
2) Wine
3) Detroit Coasters (2)
4) Heart Locket
5) Perfectly Posh set
6) 31 Bag
7) Tall Etched D shot Glasses
8) Black Vegan Leather Bracelet
9) Scented Melts from Yankee Candle
10) Bath Savy set
11) Detroit Glass set
12) Wings etched lighted bottle
13) Detroit Themed Coasters (2)
14) Lions Etched Football Bottom Glasses (2)
15) Short Etched D shot Glasses (2)
16) Tiger Etched Lighted bottle
17) Wings Etched Glasses (2)
18) Hockey Coasters (2)
19) Set of Yankee Candle scented wax melts
20 ) Buy LOcal T shirt
21) Shark Free, Salt Free T shirt
22) Grand Traverse wine
23) 31 Bag
24) Jack Daniels shot glasses (2)
25) Oil Defuser Necklace
26) Bath and Body works set
27) 31 Bag
28) Paw in Heart charm
29) Marky Kay set
30) Etched D Pilsner Glasses (2)

Let's raise some manoney and save some animals while getting you some great prizes. Ticket sales start now!!!!!

Good luck everyone