Full Moon 470This moon magic will bridge the gap from where you are now to your highest aspirations. As you work through the blocks to prosperity and financial security a bridge is a very welcome site. In the Healers Almanac, we have a goddess of careers who loves to support us on our journey toward finding our life’s work and getting rewarded for it.

In her meditation she guides you to walk across a bridge of light to a city of crystal. In this place of higher vibration you can receive inspiration and healing.


Please prepare for this magical trip by collecting a Motor City Hoo Doo Adam & Eve Candle and a Heart Blessed Herbal Candle. Before the meditation, light the Hoo Doo candle. It will help you deepen the commitment to yourself. Follow the meditation located at http://healingwithpattyshaw.com/healers-almanac/. After the meditation, light the Heart Blessed Herbal Candle. It will assist you in keeping your heart open to options, inspiration, and messages from your guides and higher self. Burn both candles down to completion for maximum support.


Creating a life of financial security is like a marriage. You listen, share ideas, compromise, show compassion, and be supportive when fear arises. This is exactly what you need from yourself right now. Make the commitment to those little seeds you planted on the new moon as they are starting to become part of your reality. Your next step is to give them time and attention. As you watch them grow, bringing prosperity to you, they will need you to adjust and modify them to fit your plan and expectations.

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