January New MoonWe’re one big dysfunctional family and by god we are still going to make it.


The Aquarian new moon on January 27th is not reflecting any of the sun’s light to us and we may feel our own dark sides emerging.


Instead of giving yourself an excuse to be intolerant and downright crabby, take a different angle. Take this time to be introspective and pull apart what is still dysfunctional in your life. There is an immense amount of power locked up in the internal fight you are having with yourself. I speak about this in my book, Healers Almanac.


There is immense personal power locked up in your shadowshelf, explore and heal this area of your life for some liberation.


The goddess Kristen, teaches us about our shadow self and guides us through a fabulous meditation where we face our painful experiences to learn from them and then to heal. There is so much more to working with the goddesses, but you’ll have to buy the book! Here is the link to the recording of this meditation,www.HealingWithPattyShaw.com/goddess-meditations. Listen to this meditation during the New moon, take a leap of faith and dig into your closet of oogie boogies and bring one out into the light of day. Don’t forget your Truth and Justice Coventry Candle.

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