Aries New MoonDid you start your vision board? Did you introduce yourself to Shri-Lakshmi? The month of “Prosperity as a way of life” is not over yet. The new moon in Aries on March 27, 2017 will give you the kick in the butt you need if you’ve been dragging your feet.

You know the moon is in Aries because you feel like climbing some mountain somewhere. Make it that mountain of bills sitting on the dining room table. Aries is the perfect energy for getting it done. Organize them by due date, balance your checking account then compare the two. Oops, is the bills total larger than the balance in your checking account? Put the difference on your vision board.


“Hey Universe, I found a financial gap here. Please help me open to receiving more abundance.”


Always be polite. We don’t have to ask God for the abundance, which has already been provided. What we have to do is open up to receive. It’s all there. We need to check the magnetics of our receptors. To encourage more receptivity get yourself a Sweet Grass World Magic candle. Light it and gush about all the wonderful things, people, and opportunities in your life. Be very grateful and let the universe know you can handle more! Stretch your arms out wide and breathe deeply. This will open your heart and your ability to attract more abundance to you.

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