April Libra Full MoonLibra is about balance and the full moon on April 10th wants to reintroduce us to it. Especially for those of us who are feeling overwhelmed. So much is going on in our world, and is continuing to escalate. Who is responsible for this mess? We are.

Who else? Right? I take my inspiration from the book The Shack. The author, William P. Young takes us through a spiritual awakening that pinged me so hard I can’t stop thinking about it. It’s becoming the yardstick which I’m measuring all that is spiritual, religious and metaphysical against. But, that’s my process. For me, the gift of a Libra full moon is a reminder that a life lived outside of balance feels like chaos. We can bring it all back by making a new choice and letting the past go.


The answer may be too simple, but let’s embrace it anyway.


When you don’t know what to do with the chaos in your life, become quiet and place your troubles on the altar of God/Goddess and let them go. True help and inspiration flows from there and nestles in our own indwelling spirit. That is the still quiet voice we need to listen too. Or, if like me, and are more dramatic in your petition, get in your car and drive around singing “Jesus take the Wheel” at the top of your lungs until you feel calm again. Singing therapy does a body good.


The Coventry way toward establishing balance includes a few products and a wee little process I’m sure you’ll like. Feeling overwhelmed is an emotional response to life out of control. We hate that, and we fuss and fight until we’ve corrected it. We make all kinds of stupid assumptions and decisions that frankly add to the chaos. It happens this way because we try to do it without the divine wisdom of spirit. We do all the talking, negotiating and justifying. We talk so much we don’t hear the still small voice of love. It’s ok, I’ve learned we get as many chances as we need to change, and Coventry has a candle for that. Our Blessed Herbal Emotional Balance candle can help you release the torrent of emotions so you can become balanced enough to listen. Take some time and light an Emotional Balance candle to help you uncork your pent up emotions. While this candle burns faithfully release your feelings into the flame and let them burn up. As the liquefied wax flows it will represent your painful emotions flowing, and freeing you from their grip. When you are done, extinguish the candle, take a deep breath and rest for a few minutes. Next, stand up and spray the Wicked Good Karma Kleaner spray into the air in front of you, then walk through it. Spin around if you’d like. Feel free and happy.

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