July Full MoonOur theme for July is creating healthy boundaries and it’s about time. Many of our problems just melt away when we learn how to develop and execute a healthy boundary. Here at Coventry we call it staying in your own tea cup.

That’s probably a saying someone got from a great aunt or grandmother. Still it seems to be a timeless piece of good advice.

Stay in your own tea cup and nobody will get hurt.

It would be safe to say that most conflicts happen when the sanctity of our tea cup is compromised. The rest of the fights happen when we enter someone else’s tea cup uninvited. Hey, no means no. During this full moon, July 8,, 2017, Capricorn is going to shine the light on how to be mindful of personal spaces. Let’s start with other people’s personal space. Do you find yourself starting sentences with you should? Are you the last to leave a party by several hours? Do you know more details about someone’s life then you need to? Have you given so much advice to someone that they no longer feel they can make a decision without your input? Sorry buddy, you have overflowed your teacup into theirs. Get thee back! Be a pal and extricate yourself and let them live their own life.

Everyone needs a chance to try, fail and get up again so they can learn from their mistakes. It’s the right thing to do and keeps you safely out of co-dependent relationships. If you are having a hard time minding your own business, do a candle ritual to help you dissolve this habit. Get a Gossip Stop Hoo Doo candle carve your name on the side of it and light it with the intention that you will mind your own business. Next pick up a bottle of Wicked Good Karma Kleaner spray. Spray your aura every time you are tempted to jump in with unsolicited advice or commentary. If you are on the receiving end of a butt-in-ski, use the same products. This time carve the name of the well-intended busybody on the candle. Then light it with the intention, they’re input is not needed or welcome, unless specifically asked for. Also, use the Karma Kleaner Wicked Good Spray to clean up your aura of all chords, hooks and drains sent to you from them. What a great way to keep the airways clean and clear in your relationships.

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