July New MoonLeo the lion is king of his pride and territory. His job is to keep other lions from coming in and breaking up the family and he uses his loud voice to set his boundaries. This new moon on July 23, 2017 you will be feeling the need to voice your opinion about what is important to you.

You may even be compelled to give out a roar.

Take care of your boundaries with a well-placed roar.

Everyone has a weak spot or two in their fortress. Some of us have lousy boundaries, and some of us have almost none. All of us can benefit from doing perimeter checks to make sure all is where we expect it to be. Create, improve and repair your sacred space with some candle magic from Coventry Creations. First and foremost, identify the weaknesses. Do they show up at work because you can’t say no? Or are they showing up with your friends because helping them out is getting really one-sided? Maybe your home or car has been broken into and you’re still feeling unsure of your safety. No matter if your vulnerability is physical, emotional or in your will power this candle ritual will get your fortress up and impenetrable. It will bring the lion out it you. Also, boundary building needs your participation even after the candle is consumed.

Rituals help get us started, and you keep the energy going with your will and beliefs. Your tools are a Reversing Hoo Doo candle, paper and pen and your willingness to be honest. During a quiet time where you will be left undisturbed, light the Reversing candle. Write out your list of all the ways you have been compromised. Include the small infractions as well as the big ones. On the back of the paper write out solutions to these boundary busters, go ahead and think big while still keeping it positive. Be open to asking for help and willing to change your own behavior. For example, you may need help from a life coach on how to say no and when it’s appropriate. You may need to get an alarm system for your home or even move. That is what I mean about thinking big. Fold up the paper and put it under the candle (or near it if it’s a really big list). When the candle gets down to the red/orange part, write out another list of all the things in your life that need protection. For example; home, me, children, car, job and pets. You get the idea. Put that list under or next to the candle. Now you have reset your boundary and have identified area you need to work on personally. Facing fears, overcoming insecurities and standing your ground is how you will be maintaining your personal space. A lion knows who he is and what is his and there is no compromising. Go be a lion.

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