Reiki is the name of the healing energy that is channeled through someone to you, a pet, and a situation.  The applications are only limited by your imagination. 1-what-is-reikiIn the Usui System of Natural Healing developed by Dr. Mikao Usui Reiki is also called “universal life force”.  When in the presence of Reiki we are experiencing a pure and loving energy that will heal our body, mind and spirit.

Rei is the Japanese word for the energy that sustains the universe and everything in it. In the healing system of Reiki you are drawing on that life force to heal, nurture and sustain you.  It is abundant and limitless. Ki is the Japanese word for the energy in and around your body and it has its limitations. Your Ki is finite but it can be replenished. Combining Rei and ki is about bringing the energy from the universe directly to you.  Getting a reiki treatment is a lot like getting plugged in and tuned up.

Reiki comes to you from a place that is beyond the human experience. Some say it’s from god, others don’t want to limit it and say it’s from the universe in general. Possibly that could mean that it’s from all gods or from no god.  This energy is intelligent, unconditionally loving, understanding, and it is infinite; it has no beginning and has no end. Reiki can feel like nothing or it can feel like a kiss from heaven.  

One of the many gifts of Reiki is that it is always there when you ask for it, without hesitation without judgment.  Everyone can receive reiki; even people who have hurt others. Everyone can share reiki, once they are attuned to it and no one is denied by the divine of a reiki attunement.  

Some call reiki love, and in the spirit of love – anything is possible. What reiki does is offer you love where you need it.  And where you need it is where you experience illness and/or injury. Whether it’s in your sick body, broken heart and spirit, or, in your mind where delusion has set you apart and isolated us from your happiness, reiki can get in there and help heal you.  It offers you re-connection with a Supreme Being or the Divine.  Your awareness and use of this connection is crucial to your well being.

Reiki is a specific vibration of energy and the more you learn about it and work with it, the better you will be able to direct it to help you with your specific problems. Reiki brings the divine plan to you and reminds your body how to heal, clears toxicity, uplifts your mental state and inspires your soul to keep going.  We need many ways to heal our bodies and our lives, Reiki is a powerful addition to your healing tool box.