3-benefits-of-reikiThe easy answer is Reiki will help you with everything in your life.  The caution is that reiki is not the silver bullet nor is it the only therapy or treatment to use in every single challenge you will encounter.  I invite reiki in as a supplemental and complementary treatment, and I find, with the help of Reiki, my clients heal faster and more completely.  

Reiki is practical and you can add it to your regime when getting over the flu, a cold or infections.  It will remove toxins from your body, cleanse your organs and blood, boost your immune system and return vitality to your body, clear your mind (and brain) so you can think, and uplift your mood and return hope and emotional strength.

If you give reiki to your damaged body after an injury it will help the bone knit faster, take inflammation out of the join, tendon or ligament.  It can remove the emotional trauma from the experience, and reduce the side effects of the fight or flight reaction.  Reiki will help your body embrace the victory of getting away and surviving.  That is important because interrupted and unresolved fight or flight leaves your body unaware of your success.  It could continue to believe you are in danger and will over produce stress hormones and fatigue your adrenals and compromise your immune system. Now you know why you feel so tired all the time.

Lack of sleep can be debilitating to us all across the board.  We’re crabby, can’t focus, get headaches, lose our perspective and hallucinate.  It’s not something you ignore.  What is happening when we are stressed and anxious to the point of having symptoms, our aura has lost too much light or energy.  It has become depleted and is not regenerating itself.  Giving yourself Reiki at bedtime can help you relax so you can get the rest you need and feel rested after sleeping.

Daily treatments of reiki will refill your aura so it can support your body, mind and emotions as you deal with the harder challenging events of your life.  It could be from an illness/accident, or a huge blow to your emotions, (like losing a job or a loved one or surviving a natural disaster or long term emotional harassment), or it could be from mental stress as is compulsive negative thinking, to many successive disappointments or failures, chemical imbalance in the brain or hormonal shifts that are swift and strong due to life changes or illness.  No matter what your challenge is Reiki will have a positive effect so you can work through them with as little long term damage as possible.

Reiki is now offered in many hospitals and cancer centers.  It has been a fantastic help with managing the side effects of chemotherapy and pain management.  It also has a calming effect for the patient and family.  Family members also need reiki while a loved one is dealing with cancer.  It will keep them hopeful and connect them with divine light.  It will prepare them for what is to come next and know that they are loved at all times.

Loss is a part of life, but still, we are hurt by it. After the fact we need to go through our grieving process with its range of emotions, all of it is necessary and healthy. It will lead to closure and re-engaging in life again. But, when we get stuck in our grieving process Reiki can help us understand why and gently help us move through it and let go of the reasons we’ve stopped healing.  

Reiki can even help us heal our poverty consciousness.  Our ability to be financially successful is important in life.  It’s part of our survival and our self-esteem. There as many reasons to prosperity failure as there are people.  It’s a life lesson we all have to go master.  If your happiness is attached to your financial picture and it’s not living up to your standards, Reiki can be of help.  It can get in and work with your emotional and mental picture around money, self-worth, and even ancestral influences.  The way you work with reiki and abundance is in stating your intention when calling in reiki.  Let the universal life force know that you wish to heal all the ways you are struggling with money, attaining it, hanging on to it, managing it, keeping a job, etc.  Over time you will find your fears around money begin to dissipate, the no’s turn into yes’s and your self-worth is no longer determined by how much money you have.

Did you know Reiki can positively affect electricity and electronics?  It can charge batteries, reduce or clear the static charge in computers, and help out small appliances on the fritz.  You need a reiki two attunement for this magical trick as you will need to know the symbols as they are applied very specifically.

Reiki will work outside of time and space.  This means you can send reiki energy to the past and even around the world. In the level two reiki class you learn how to do this and which symbols to use to make that happen. It’s called long distance healing.

As you can see Reiki is versatile, practical, not to mention gentle.  It works brilliantly with all other healing modalities to bring about wholesome healing and understanding.