ydd11152015Today, we have one of my favorite astrological aspects – Mercury sextile Mars.

Now, the reason I just love this aspect is that it makes the mind very active and ideas begin to flow.  And, since I always have several projects that I am working on, it helps me get things accomplished with relative ease.

Mercury sextile Mars is an energy build aspect – think of it as a cosmic Red Bull – that allows you to invest energy into anything you have interest in.  So, if you have projects that you need to advance or even initiate, it is wise to begin them now.  Further, any opportunities that are presented to you while Mercury sextile Mars is active, you should take advantage of because they will help your personal advancement.

Ordinarily, when people think of the planet Mars they think about ‘fighting,’ and when the God of War is connected to Mercury, this could lead to arguments, but that isn’t the case with this aspect.   Yes, you may have to defend your ideas with others, but the exchanges are productive.  Mercury sextile Mars is a great time to speak your mind and to even clear up past communication problems.

Be amazing!

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