moonToday is going to be short and sweet because the Moon moves through communicative Gemini and forms only one aspect – a sextile to Uranus.

The Moon in Gemini reflects a cycle when the powers of the mind will be apparent, and since it’s ruler Mercury is in ‘big picture’ Sagittarius, we may find our minds all over the place picking up bits of data to make sense (Sagittarius) of it all.   You will find that you need to communicate your ideas and opinions with others and have people around you to share your ideas is a must.   However, emotions may be difficult to manage and tend to be avoided while the Moon is in the sign of the twins.

During the early morning hours, the Moon forms a lovely sextile to Uranus.  You may feel restless throughout the day and on the lookout for something exciting.  Spend some time with people that stimulate your mind and introduce you to new experiences.

The Moon will be void of course for most of the day.  Avoid making decisions or starting anything new until this evening when the Moon moves into Cancer.

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