ydd11182016Today, we have a significant planetary aspect as Mercury in Sagittarius squares Neptune in Pisces.

I’m not going to sugar coat this; even though, Neptune would like me to.   Mercury square Neptune is a frustrating aspect, and everyone should be on guard.

Mercury square Neptune can be reduced to the simplest astrological interpretation:  Mercury rules the mind and Neptune can be confusing and dissolves any planet it contacts.  So, in its simplest form, we have a confused mind.

And, there you have it, the energy for the day – FULL STOP.

Now, how to deal with it.

It’s necessary that all your communications are as crystal clear as possible and attempt to convey everything precisely and with careful consideration.  Mercury square Neptune creates an atmosphere where it is easy to misunderstand those around us, and likewise, easy for others to misunderstand us.  If you are unsure about anything; do not say it, or there could be future complications and potential conflicts.

Today is also not the best day for business matters. Mercury rules commerce and any deals that you make could be complicated, and even misrepresentation could occur.

Perhaps, the most efficient way of dealing with Mercury square Neptune is to use this energy to focus on inner spiritual issues.  It is a excellent time for meditation, using your imagination, or engaging in creative projects.  If you can manage it, take the day off and spend a day with yourself connecting to your higher purpose and good.

Be amazing!

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