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Coventry Magic Oracle

We have a candle for that... and can show you a new way to use it too. _x000D_ The Coventry Magic Oracle was one of those happy accidents that started with creating sales training tools for the candles and turned into a whole new way of addressing your life challenges with a magical solution. When you draw three cards from the Coventry Magic Oracle, not only will you get a new perspective on your problem, but a new way to solve it. _x000D_ Each oracle card has 5 unique messages that show you how to use that product to address your current magical issue; prosperity, love, healing, protection and clearing. Combine the messages of your three chosen cards and you have a new strategy of magic. Each deck comes with an instruction bookletut if you want to try it before you buy it,go to our online version; http://cmo.coventrycreations.com

Coventry Magic Oracle - Full Line Resale Edition

Coventry Magic Oracle - Full Line Resale Edition

Coventry Magic Oracle - 83 cards, one for each Coventry Candle and instruction booklet_x000D_ “We Ha..

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